What is Pracademic Solutions?

Having worked in the code enforcement arena for over a decade, I have observed the many frustrations faced by inexperienced property owners, contractors, and real estate developers.  I have also observed, first hand, the difficulties confronted by local officials when asked to develop regulations, protocols, and procedures for novel programs in their respective fields.  It is with this experience that Pracademic Solutions was born.

Pracademic Solutions was created to fill a gap in both the public and private industries.  Oftentimes solutions to common problems are addressed from just a scientific, or strictly academic, direction.  Public health and public safety codes are filled with many prescriptive requirements that result from many laws and regulations.  In the private sector, this has resulted in a heavy reliance on Registered Design Professionals (i.e., Registered Architects and Professional Engineers).  In the public sector, this results in increased reliance on boilerplate methods, or hiring of consulting practices who rely heavily upon the newest academic research, as well as attorneys and Registered Design Professionals.

The problem inherent in both of these sectors is that many of these outside consultants, or experts, have limited (or no) experience "on the ground" in their respective fields.  They can apply the most current knowledge, and have extensive experience in research methods and community engagement, but they are lacking the practice-based background that is necessary to provide their clients with a solution that is rooted in both academic knowledge and practical experience.

The team at Pracademic Solutions is comprised of subject-matter experts  in the fields of building construction, public health, urban planning, and environmental health.  The team has extensive experience working in leadership positions at the local and state levels, as well as with many of the largest professional associations in their respective fields

At Pracademic Solutions, we strive to help our clients implement practical solutions that will result in sustainable, quality, outcomes to our clients' problems that incorporate field-based experience with the most recent academic research.