Code Consulting, explained

Traditionally, individuals and firms wishing to commence construction activities hire a Registered Design Professional (an architect or professional engineer) to design plans and oversee the projects (if Construction Control is required).  For less extensive projects, the permitting may be submitted by a contractor.  Regardless of who is designing, or overseeing, the project(s), the regulatory agency (building, planning, or health department) may hold up the project due to insufficient submittals or questions regarding the designs or scope of the project.  This is where a Code Consultant comes in handy.

A Code Consultant will work with the design and construction teams, as well as the client and the regulatory authority, in order to make sure that all permit applications are completed and submitted in a package that will result is the most efficient permit review possible.  This includes:

  • pre-submission meetings with the regulatory authority;
  • reviewing all plans prior to submission in order to determine compliance with all relevant codes;
  • reviewing permit applications for completeness of documentation and other submittals; and
  • Serving as an intermediary, when needed, between the regulatory authority and the design and construction teams and / or the client.

In many circumstances, a Code Consultant can save a client significant amounts of money and aggravation by catching problems before they are submitted -- which often starts a series of back-and-forths that can extend the permit issuance date even further into the future.

At Pracademic Solutions, we provide Code Consulting services in a wide variety of subjects,  We have relationships with outside Registered Design Professionals to assist us with services that require their stamp for one reason or another.  A partial listing of our services can be found here.

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