First popularized by Posner (2009) in the journal, Public Budgeting & Finance, a Pracademic is a person whose career spans the boundaries of academia and practice.  Posner (2009) poses the argument that pracademics are necessary in order to broker "Academic-Practitioner Interactions".  They have significant experience in both worlds, and can jump between them with ease.  Volpe and Chandler (2001) explain that "the pracademic is frequently called upon to help resolve particular disputes and can help identify sources of problems among the many layers of organization found in the academic setting".

Outside of public administration, pracademics serve an emerging role in the fields of Environmental and Public Health, where old-school programs are shifting toward evidence-based policymaking practices. In a recent issue of the Journal of Environmental Health, Runkle (2014) illustrated the how pracademics are affecting changes in the pedagogy style in academic institutions, where more focus is being placed upon practical training for students (i.e., internships and practica).  The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice recently published an issue that focused on the emergence of Academic Health Departments, and explained their evolving role in public health practice, education, and research.

At Pracademic Solutions, we understand the important role that pracademics play in the public policy process.  Building upon this role, we aim to develop effective public policy solutions and programs that are rooted in solid understanding of both academic theory, evidence-based research, and years of practical experience in the fields of public policy, public health, environmental health, and city planning / urban affairs.


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